Lawn Care Tips For Beginners

When you are new to gardening, lawn care seems like a hectic job. Trust us it’s not as difficult as perceived and once you learn it properly, you will enjoy doing it.

Our article today addresses all the concerns about lawn care for beginners and how people who have just started gardening, can maintain their yards like a pro.

Why Is Lawn Care Important?

Your lawn represents you. It is an image of how you want things to be. An irregular and ill-maintained lawn give a bad image to both the property and its residents. A nice, clean, and properly landscaped lawn doesn’t only add a scenic view to your house but also reflects your personality. 

Lawn maintenance is a delicate thing. If ignored, even a very attractive lawn can turn into a cursed wilted forest of fairy tales within days.

When someone has decided to set up a property, beginners should know the tricks of the field to avoid any unwanted consequences. With a bit of ignorance, you can literally mess up your progress and even ruin the lawn for a whole season. 

Easy Lawn Care Tips For Beginners 

Maintaining a lawn is not rocket science or something out of this world so there is no need to be afraid of that. Keep two things in mind 

  1. Responsibility
  2. Consistency 

Rest assured we will give you all the easy and applicable tips to maintain your yard.  Here are some of the easy lawn care tips for beginners to start with.

Your lawn care starts from the start!

The first thing to know as a beginner is, that your lawn will not transform into paradise with a magic wand. You need to take things seriously from the very first step. Your lawn is a physical representation of “you reap what you sow” so begin with full attention. 

Keep in mind your climatic conditions and what kind of lawn grass you want. Use premium-quality seeds and till those seedlings show their little saplings, do everything by the book. Always set up your lawn where the grass and plants can get proper sunlight and ventilation. 

Water Properly 

Both over and under-watering your plants can make them dead. That is why your regional climate is important here. Those who live in colder regions need to water the grass once a week. People living in warmer regions can water their yards for up to four days a week. 

watering lawn

Don’t water your plants if rain is forecasted. Also, don’t water if it has already rained. Water evenly all over the ground with a gentle shower. Watering with a pipe can cause a pigpen in the yard, turning it into a muddy pool. This stagnant water can also lead to fungus production at the grass root. 

Fertilize Quarterly 

Fertilizers boost grass health. Fertilizing the lawn must be done within a certain period or it will be of no use. Mark the months when you can fertilize. 

Use the minimum amount of fertilizer as most fertilizers contain Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Potassium. Overdose of this can mess up your soil PH and make your grass go dead. 

In winter, using fertilizers with phosphorus and Nitrogen will keep the grass alive throughout the season. However, in summer, use low-nitrogen fertilizers.

Mow Regularly 

If you want your place to look as majestic as ever, trim the unwanted grass blades to keep that perfection level intact. Overgrown grass blades are more delicate and prone to damage than trimmed grass.

Here not only does your lawn need maintenance but also the related equipment should be well retained. If you own a land mower, Keep it maintained.

mowing the grass

How To Maintenance Your Lawn Mower?

Like all equipment, the lawn mower also needs regular servicing. Every time you will let lose this warrior on a battlefield, a well-serviced lawn mower will work as a new one. Here are a few maintenance tips on a lawn mower 

  • Check, change, fill and refill the fuel at appropriate times. If you are not using your land mower for more than a month, empty the fuel section. Fill in new fuel every time you use a lawn mower. After use, empty the fuel section for safety purposes. 
  • Keep the air filter clean. If needed replace it.
  • If your lawn mower is going to be inactive for long periods, use fogging oil in the engine to protect it from corrosion and rust. 
  • Sharpen and balance the blades for even and effective trim.

Apply Weedkiller

You don’t want the fruit of your hard work to be shared by parasitic plants and that is why you need to kill them from start. This is a very important tip for beginners. They can apply weed killer when they sow the seed. This way they will save both their grass and their time. Also, it is a difficult job to pull out weeds from grown-up grass. So kill the bird before it hatches.

Regular Lawn Maintenance

Cleanliness is a very important part of lawn maintenance. If your lawn looks messy, it will ruin the whole point of a visually appealing landscape. To keep your lawn clean

  • Pick up the fallen leaves and twigs. Rake your lawn often. 
  • Avoid throwing wrappers on the lawn.
  • Don’t allow/train your pet to urinate on the lawn. 
  • Teach your kids to pick up toys after playing.
  • Clean the area after eating or enjoying snacks. Fallen crumbles are invitations to birds and insects. This contributes to bare patch formation in the lawn.
  • Don’t walk on the grown grass. 

Difference Between Lawn Care and Landscaping?

Well, for your understanding we are putting it in uncomplicated words. Lawn care is about doing things like cutting grass, fertilizing the land, and taking care of the land. Landscaping on the other hand is “how you set up your lawn?”. It is right from setting the lawn in the ground to how you want to visually portray it. 

Landscaping includes planting different trees, installing different visually appealing hardscapes in your yard, and defining the structure of the property. It makes your premises more “enhanced” in terms of use and portrays your land in artistic ways.

In the end, all we have to say is that with proper lawn maintenance, you can transform your area into a worth-seeing piece of beauty. We hope our article has provided you with effective tips on lawn care for beginners. Soon we will be back with more useful guidance on lawn care

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