Why Is It Important To Mow Your Lawn?

Mowing is an important part of the lawn maintenance schedule that must not be missed. However, you need to carefully mow the lawn or your yard will be ruined. Our article today is about why is it important to mow your lawn and when you should do it.

Your yard needs a proper lawn care routine to ensure everything stays fine. The lawn grass must not exceed a certain growing limit. Overgrown grass is more prone to damage than properly trimmed grass. 

It is important to mow your lawn:

  • When you walk on overly-grown grass, it causes damage to the whole plant. The grass blades will break and grass can go dormant or permanently dead. 
  • Overgrown grass can lock moisture in the roots and the bottom part of the plant. This doesn’t only damage the plant itself but can support fungus growth which will crevasse other surrounding plants too. 
  • Dense grass provides shelter to pests. They can damage the whole lawn within days without you even noticing their presence.
  • Overgrown grass blades block the sunlight from reaching roots and nearby plants. This can result in brown grass patches in some areas of the yard as the grass will start wilting due to a lack of proper light and ventilation.
  • Dense grass is difficult to clean. Rotten leaves will cause debris resulting in dumps. These dumps will also induce pests.
  • When you fertilize, most of the fertilizer will stay on the grass halm causing a white layer to form. Also, nutrition can’t reach the grassroots. This will cause the grass to wilt.
  • Mowing is necessary for a long-term healthy yard.

How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn?

You need to keep your lawn grass nourished and well-maintained. Trimming is vital for promoting healthy grass growth on the lawn.

Mow your lawn as soon as the grass exceeds its required length. For most grasses, the ideal length is up to 1.5 to 2 inches. However, summer grasses can reach up to 2.5 to 3 inches. Also, grasses under shade can be kept up to 3 inches long.

Mowing the lawn also depends on seasonal maintenance. Keep in mind that you need to mow your lawn throughout the year. Though the gap between two mowing sessions can widen according to seasonal requirements. 

Mowing The Lawn in The Spring Season 

As the grass will grow faster in the spring, starting from March, mow the lawn every once a week throughout the whole season. Keep the grass even and well-maintained. 

Mowing The Lawn in The Summer Season 

In summer, your yard is at its peak and the grass is fully bloomed. Now you need to mow the lawn 2 times a week. 

Also, in summer, retain the grass length a bit longer than usual. Adjust your mowing blade length while trimming the grass. It will keep your lawn lusher and green and will protect the grass from going dry and dormant.

When To Mow Your Lawn in The Autumn Season?

The grass grows less in the cold season. So after summer, your mowing routine will go back to what it was in spring. Mostly, the Autumn season is unpredictable.

There could be rainfall one day and the dry weather next day. In autumn, you mow once a week like spring season. However, mowing the lawn should be done during dry days only. 

frosting autumn leaf
frosted autumn leaf on green grass

Mowing Routine in The Winter Season 

In colder regions, where the grass is covered in snow, you can’t mow your grass. Ideally, you mow the lawn in autumn to prepare it for the upcoming winter.

When the snow melts and there is no frost left, then you can mow your lawn to prepare it for the spring season. In warmer regions, where there is no snow but the weather is cold, you may mow once a month to keep going.

Can You Mow The Lawn When Wet?

No! Never mow wet grass or you will do irreversible damage to your yard. 

Always wait for the grass and soil to dry out before mowing. If you will mow wet grass, it will cause harm to both your grass and your lawn mower. The mower will pull out the whole plant from wet grass and it can clog your mower too.

watering lawn

Putting the pressure of the lawn mower on soggy soil will damage the ground itself leaving wheel marks on it. Also, it’s our practical experience that wet grass causes more stains on your clothes and shoes.

How Early Can You Mow Your Lawn?

Mowing the lawn early in the morning is much appreciated. The ideal time is 8-9 am. This is because the grass has already dried up and there is a whole day ahead to support your mowing. 

sunrise through the trees

However, if the grass is still wet, wait for it to dry out and mow your lawn in the afternoon between 1-3 pm. 

Never mow your lawn late in the evening as the evening dew can make the grass wet again. Also, you don’t have much time ahead to do the whole activity without interruption.

What Happens When You Over-mow Your Lawn?

Over mowing is as harmful to the lawn as not mowing it at all. Mowing the lawn properly is all about keeping the balance between under and over-mowing.

  • Overmowing can make the grassroots tender and delicate. 
  • When you walk on overly trimmed grass, there is a chance that it will damage the grass from the roots. 
  • It also gives overexposure to the outside environment which is not good for grass in long term. Overmowing also causes brown patches in the yard.
  • When you mow aggressively or out of schedule, it can also build up thatch in the ground causing the inner grass to die. 

Mow Your Lawn When Required

In the end, you need to mow your lawn to support grass health and promote better grass growth. Mow according to seasonal and occasional requirements. Never mow when the grass is wet and avoid over-mowing. With proper mowing, your yard will turn into a worth watching piece of beauty. 

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